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Exchange Mail Plan
Storage / Disk Space 1000MB
Hosting your web site requires an amount of storage on our servers, just like your personal computer uses its hard drive to store your documents and photos.
E-mail Accounts 1
Every plan offers e-mail accounts in which the number of email accounts depends on plan you are having.
E-mail Forwarding Unlimited
Email forwarding is a mechanism by which a mail server sends the email s of one user's to another address.
E-mail Auto Responders Unlimited
E-mail autoresponders is a computer program that automatically answer and send e-mail messages when an e-mail arrives for a specific e-mail account.
Outlook Auto Configure Unlimited
Outlook Auto configure is a system on how you can configure single or multiple email accounts in one setting from one to many ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Webmail Unlimited
The term Webmail or Web-based email refer to the implementation of an e-mail client as a Web application that allows users to access their e-mail through a Web browser, as an alternative to using a desktop-based client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla T
POP3 Included
POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is the most recent version of a standard protocol for receiving e-mail, in which it is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you by your Internet server.
SMTP Included
SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a defacto for reliable and efficiently e-mail transmissions across the internet.
IMAP Included
IMAP is an acronym for Internet Message Access Protocol, and is a standard protocol for accessing e-mail or bulletin board from our local server.
Backup System Included
All web hosting plans offer a backup area allowing you to download the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file of your entire web site, or a particular MySQL, alias, or filter backup file.
Spam Assassin Included
Spam Assassin is a mail filter written in Perl installed on the mail server used to identify spam (Junk E-mail) using a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text.
Customer Support Included
Renderhosting have support technicians available 24/7/365 to quickly address or resolve any hosting-related issues you are having via email, phone or web site.
Designed for professionals who want all the features of Microsoft Exchange but not at the cost. Renderhosting is featuring Exchange Hosted email powered by Kerio Mail. If you have a small business looking to have allow multiple users to see or manage your calendar and contacts, a Kerio Mail account is for you.

You can sync calendar, contact, email between your desktop computer and mobile device. Best of all you have access to Outlook web client, the web based email client looks just like Outlook and supports all the same features as your desktop or mobile devices for email, calendar, and contact mangement.

With 1GB (gigabytes) of storage (space), you can store thousands of emails and contacts on mail server and retreive from any where in the world.

You're more than welcome to upload your own scripts as well. We offer a /cgi-bin/ that allows CGI scripts written in Perl or Python.

All of our plans also support PHP, one of the most popular languages for developing dynamic web sites.

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