Storage / Disk Space
Hosting your web site requires an amount of storage on our servers, just like your personal computer uses its hard drive to store your documents and photos. Most web sites require very little storage. Our entire suite of web hosting plans offers ample storage to host nearly any type of web site. For instance, if your site contains mainly text and only a few images you could literally have tens of thousands of web pages on even the personal web hosting plan.

Image and video use quite a bit more storage/space than text. However, if you took a photo on a digital camera at 640x480 resolution it would usually take about 60-80 kilobytes (KB) of storage; this means you could have a web site with over 5 thousand photos on the personal plan.

It's easy to view the amount of storage you use in our web hosting control panel.

Compare our web hosting plans and determine the amount of storage you need. Is easy to upgrade plans or add additional storage at anytime.