4images or Image Gallery Management System is a PHP and Database MySQL based Web Gallery for management, administration and presentation of images in the Internet.

4images is an image gallery system featuring unlimited categories/subcategories, web-based and FTP images upload, auto-thumbnails, comments, send a picture, rate a picture, random pictures, extensive administration panel.

4images can be configured by a browser-based password protected administration area. 4images supports not only the common image formats like JPG, GIF and PNG but also any other data format. Furthermore 4images includes a template system to modify the design of the gallery. An external language file affords an easy translation in other languages.

Add-on Domains
An add-on domain is a domain name that points to a subdirectory within your account. For example, you may want to point to Addon domains must be registered domain names that you own and configured to point to your web site's servers.

Compare our web hosting plans, to find the plan with the number addon domains you require. Remember it is always eay to add additional addon domains.
Apache Handlers
Apache handlers tell the server how to deal with web files that need to be processed on the server. Apache handlers allow you to control what Apache will do with certain file types. When Apache sees a file, it has an action built in for that file type, and will perform that action. If you wish Apache to do a different action, you will need to make a handler to tell Apache to perform that action. For example, if you use a file type that requires a special service to run it, such as a movie file (.mpg) that you wish to run through a specific streaming server, you need to tell Apache to treat these files differently.
b2evolution is a multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. A blog script featuring multiple blogs, categories/sub-categories, skins, search function, multiple languages, search engines friendly URLs

b2evolution is focused on ease of installation and feature richness. It can easily be installed on almost any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) host in a matter of minutes. With the latest release, no configuration file editing is necessary, as all configuration is handled through the installer or administrative back-end.

This release features plugins, a new feature allowing 3rd party developers to easily extend the functionality or add additional displays to b2evolution. By request from users, several popular text formatting plug-ins have been included such as Textile, Auto-P, Greymatter, BB code, Texturize, and graphic smilies.

Signup: b2evolution step-by-step instructions.
Backup System
All web hosting plans offer a backup area allowing you to download the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file of your entire web site, or a particular MySQL, alias, or filter backup file. If your computer crashes, or your personal backups are destroyed, these files allow you to recover your site in a convenient manner (you could also use FTP to download each file, but it would take much longer as the files are not compressed).
In the field of information technology, backup refers to the copying of data so that these additional copies may be restored after a data loss event. Backups are useful primarily for two purposes: to restore a computer to an operational state following a disaster (called disaster recovery) and to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Backups differ from archives in the sense that archives are the primary copy of data and backups are a secondary copy of data. Backups are typically that last line of defense against data loss, and consequently the least granular and the least convenient to use.

All web hosting plans offer a backup area allowing you to download the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file of your entire web site, or a particular MySQL, alias, or filter backup file. If your computer crashes, or your personal backups are destroyed, these files allow you to recover your site in a convenient manner (you could also use FTP to download each file, but it would take much longer as the files are not compressed).
A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual although some focus on photographs (photoblog), sketchblog, videos (vlog), or audio (podcasting), and are part of a wider network of social media
The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard protocol for interfacing external application software with an information server, commonly a web server. This allows the server to pass requests from a client web browser to the external application. The web server can then return the output from the application to the web browser. Web servers often have a cgi-bin directory at the base of the domain, to hold executable files.

The cgi-bin is automatically installed on any web hosting account with Use the cgi-bin to place scripts written in Perl or Python.
Chat Engine
Chat engine is a multi platform program that allows you to create a chat room. You can use the control panel to add an HTML or Java-based chatroom to your web site. Our control panel will provide you with the code needed to place a gateway to this chatroom on your web page. Users can then enter a nickname and join the chatroom from your web page.
Control Panel provides cPanel for all web hosting plans. cPanel is a fully featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. The idea is to transfer as much of the control and responsibility of managing your web site to you. You have the ability to manage all aspects of e-mail, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics.
Coppermine is an image gallery system featuring categories and albums, thumbnails and intermediate size pics, search feature, new and random pictures, user management (private galleries, groups), user comments, e-cards feature, slideshow viewer.

Coppermine Photo Gallery is a photo-gallery web application with multimedia capabilities. It requires PHP, MySQL, and ImageMagick or the GD Graphics Library, and works with most web server software such as Apache.

Coppermine Photo Gallery has interfaces with many popular software packages, including e107, Invision Power Board, Mambo, phpBB, PHP-Nuke/PostNuke, PunBB, Simple Machines Forum, vBulletin, Woltlab Burning Board, and YaBB SE.

Crafty Syntax Live Help
Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) is an open source live support solution that helps customer support with live help functionality that can be proactively pushed to visitors to your site or requested by the consumer. Crafty Syntax includes a large range of features to allow multiple operators, multiple departments and multiple languages to be used.

Crafty Syntax Live Help is free and is progammed in PHP with Mysql for the datatabase. Other highlighted features include the ability to create your own questions, auto inviting visitors, referer tracking, page tracking, ability to view what the customer is typing as they type, multiple chat sessions, sound alert, leave a message if offline, push urls, quick responses, Customizable graphics, and multiple operators. runs on your server and is open source GPL.

A Live Help chat system featuring monitor your visitors, proactively open a chat session, multiple chat sessions, referer tracking, page view tracking, multiple operators, canned responses/images/URLs, multiple departments each with different icons, leave a message.
Cron Access
Cron access is an authorization from administrator in order for a user to use CRON. Cron jobs allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on your server to complete repetitive tasks automatically. A cron job allows you to run a certain command at times set by the job. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every week so that your disk space is not being used up by those files.
Cron Jobs
A cron job is an automated process that operates at predefined time intervals. Cron jobs allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on your server to complete repetitive tasks automatically. A cron job allows you to run a certain command at times set by the job. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every week so that your disk space is not being used up by those files.
CubeCart is an eCommerce script written with PHP & MySQL that will allow you to setup a powerful online store as long as you have hosting supporting PHP and one MySQL database.

An easy to use yet powerful shopping cart featuring unlimited categories and products, multiple payment gateways, downloadable products. The design is very easy to modify.
Customer Support
Renderhosting have support technicians available 24/7/365 to quickly address or resolve any hosting-related issues you are having via email, phone or Web site. You can e-mail support at or call 818-244-4708 or toll free 800-519-7683.

You can also access support documentation from your customer account page or our public FAQ.

You can also access dozens of tutorials to help you get started with many of our features.
Dot Project is a web based project management tools similar to MS Project and Share Point Services, also it handles file uploads and forums as well and managing projects and tasks. Project Management featuring companies, projects, tasks (with Gantt charts), forums, files, calendar, contacts, tickets/helpdesk, language support, user/module permissions, themes.
Dreamweaver Compatible
Macromedia Dreamweaver is a powerful tool for developing web sites. It is a very popular HTML editor most company used in building websites. Every account comes with FTP access to easily configure your Dreamweaver application for building and updating your web site.
Drupal is a free software modular content management framework, content management system and blogging engine which was originally written by Dries Buytaert as a bulletin board system. Today, it is used by many high-traffic websites, including The Onion, Spread Firefox, Ourmedia, KernelTrap, and the Defective by Design campaign. It is particularly popular for building online communities, and has the tag line "Community plumbing". Drupal is written in PHP. As of January 29, 2007, the current version is 5.1.

An advanced portal with collaborative book, search engines friendly URLs, online help, roles, full content search, site watching, threaded comments, version control, blogging, news aggregator.
Signup: drupal step-by-step instructions.
E-mail Accounts
Every plan offers e-mail accounts in which the number of email accounts depends on plan you are having. With our easy web hosting control panel you can add, remove and forward e-mail. Setting up e-mail accounts for friends, family or employees is easy and they can have their own username and password. All e-mail accounts are accessible through our web based e-mail system or through popular e-mail applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora and many others.

Compare our web hosting plans and determine the number of e-mail accounts you need. Is easy to upgrade plans or add additional e-mail accounts at anytime.
E-mail Auto Responders
E-mail autoresponders is a computer program that automatically answer and send e-mail messages when an e-mail arrives for a specific e-mail account. Autoresponders are most commonly used for an "Out of Office" style message to inform your correspondents that you are not available, without you having to reply manually. You can use plain text or include HTML code in the autoresponder, and choose from a wide variety of character sets.

All hosting plans come with UNLIMITED e-mail autoresponders.

Compare our web hosting plans and sign up today to get unlimited e-mail auto responders.
E-mail Forwarding
Email forwarding is a mechanism by which a mail server sends the email s of one user's to another address. Every web hosting plan comes with UNLIMITED e-mail forwarding. E-mail forwarding allows you to set up an e-mail address on your domain name to forward e-mail to any e-mail account you wish. For example, if you owned the domain you could set up an e-mail to forward to You can even forward to multiple addresses. The possibilities are endless and configuration is easy with our web hosting control panel.

Compare our web hosting plans and sign up today to get unlimited e-mail forwarding.
Fantastico allows easy installation of over 35 scripts. With Fantastico, installation procedure takes seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations.

We have provided a brief overview for some of the many scripts offered.
FAQMasterFlex is a database-driven application for creating and maintaining Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs). It is also the most famous Customer Care Tools solution most company used in their websites. Unlimited categories/questions/answers, web-based administration.
File Manager
A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to work with file systems. They are very useful for speeding up interaction with files. The most common operations on files are create, open, edit, view, print, play, rename, move, copy, delete, attributes, properties, search/find, and permissions.

The file manager in our control panel allows you to modify the files and contents of files that are part of your website. The file manager allows point-and-click uploading, editing, copying, and more. You can access the files that make up your website through the file manager or standard FTP.
FrontPage Extensions
Microsoft FrontPage is a popular WYSIWYG HTML editor and website administration tool for quickly building dynamic web sites. Our web hosting packages offer Frontpage Extensions, allowing you to publish your web site using Microsoft Frontpage.

Through the web hosting control panel you can uninstall and reinstall Frontpage Extensions whenever you like. For more information on Microsoft FrontPage click here.
FTP Accounts
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method by which you can transfer files between your computer and the server hosting your web site. When using FTP you use an application called a "client" to connect to a machine called a "server." There are a large number of FTP software packages available. Some of them are built in to your browser.

All web hosting accounts offer FTP access to upload files to your web site. Some plans offer additional FTP accounts. With additional FTP accounts you can provide unique FTP ussername and passwords to allow, friends, family or employees to update files on your web site.

Compare our web hosting plans to choose a plan with the number of FTP accounts you require. Remember, it is easy to add additional FTP accounts at any time.
Geeklog an Ultimate Weblog System that is an open source portal system that can be used as a story telling software, news system or online community. It supports article posting, threaded comments, event scheduling, and link management. Geeklog is a PHP/MySQL based application for managing dynamic web content.

A portal system with a wide range of modules.
Signup: geeklog step-by-step instructions.
Help Center Live
A very powerful all-in-one help center including Live Help, Support Tickets and FAQ. Features include unlimited operators/departments, monitor visitors, initiate chat, collect visitor's information, track visitor's footprint, autosave chat transcripts, canned messages, leave a message, auto-assign tickets to operators, unlimited FAQ topics.
IMAP is an acronym for Internet Message Access Protocol, and is a standard protocol for accessing e-mail or bulletin board from our local server. In other words, it permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local. For example, email stored on an IMAP server can be manipulated from a desktop computer at home, a workstation at the office, and a notebook computer while traveling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers.

IMAP is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you by your Internet server. You can view just the heading and the sender of the mail and then decide whether to download the mail. You can also create and manipulate folders or mailboxes on the server, delete messages, etc. Every web hosting account on Renderhosting offers IMAP support.
Invision Power
Invision Power Board (abbreviated IPB or IP.Board) is an Internet forum software written in PHP and primarily using MySQL database. A popular and very customizable forum with a powerful administration area to control your board and members.
IP Deny Manager
The IP Deny Manager allows you to prevent an IP address, domain name, or block of IP addresses from accessing your web site. It also gives you the option to disallow a blocked IP. If someone is using a lot of your bandwidth, posting malicious content, or should not be allowed to access your site for another reason, you can preventing them from doing so in the IP Deny Manager.
Logs and Statistics
The Renderhosting Web Site and FTP Statistics area presents you with a wide variety of information about your web site, from the latest visitors to a detailed monthly summary of hits, as well as providing an error log. Our Statistics tools keep track of which pages are being visited most often, and where your users are coming from.

We offer the most popular and advanced systems for reporting your web site statistics. Analog, Awstats and Webalizer are all available within your web hosting control panel.
Mailing Lists
A mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients. Traditionally this was done through the postal system, but with the rise of e-mail, the electronic mailing list became popular.

All plans come with one or more mailing lists. Mailman is a popular mailing list script. Mailing lists are an ideal tool for communication between far-flung participants and can be about anything you want. Mailman allows you to set up a mailing list with a large number of configurable options, such as who is on the list, where mailing lists messages are sent, and whether you include welcoming messages to new subscribers.

Compare our web hosting plans to find the plan with the number of mailing lists you require. Remember, you can always add more mailing lists when you need them.
Mambo is a business-oriented open source CMS, it can be hosted on any server as long as it runs PHP and MySQL. Mambo is the perfect solution for developers and novice users alike who demand a simple yet elegant way to deploy professional websites rapidly.

A professional level yet easy to use Content Management System featuring inline WYSIWYG content editors, newsfeeds, syndicated news, banners, mailing users, links manager, statistics, content archiving, date based content, 20 languages, modules and components.
Signup: mambo step-by-step instructions.
MIME Types
Mime types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions of MIME. MIME types are specified in two parts, the top-level media type declares the general type of media, and the subtype defines the specific format for that media. The two are separated by a forward slash, top-level/subtype.

For example, the text/html mime type equates to .htm, .html, and .shtml extensions on most servers, and this tells your browser to interpret all files with those extensions as HTML files. You can alter or add new mime types specifically for your site (note that you can not alter the system defined mime type values). MIME types are often used to handle new technologies as they appear. When WAP technology first appeared no one had these extensions set up on their server. With mime types, however, you could have set it up yourself and begun serving WAP pages immediately.
A Moodle is a Course Management System, an open source package designed using Pedagogical Principles to help educators create effective quality online courses or learning communities. Available in currently 34 languages, featuring WYSIWYG HTML Editor, teacher has full control over all settings for a course, flexible array of course activities (Forums, Journals, Quizzes, Resources, Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, Workshops), user logging and tracking, mail integration and much more.
MySQL Databases
MySQL is the most popular database for web sites, and is used by the majority of applications and web sites you will find online; all of our Fantastico scripts use MySQL. MySQL is a database written and maintained by a large community of developers and is widely supported.

All Renderhosting web hosting plans come with access to MySQL and an easy to use interface for administration and configuration. However, when using Fantastico or other scripts we provide your MySQL database is automatically installed and configured!

For more information on MySQL, documentation and tools visit

Compare our web hosting plans and determine the amount of MySQL databases you need. It's easy to upgrade plans or add additional databases at anytime. Most scripts require only one MySQL database.
Network Tools
Network Tools allows you to perform essential network task such as finding out information about any domain, Ping, NSLookup, DIG, DNS or to trace the route from the server your site is on to the computer you are accessing your control panel from. Finding out information about a domain can be useful in making sure your DNS is set up properly as you will find out information about your IP address as well as your DNS.
Noah's Classifieds
Noah's Classifieds is a Web-based, highly customizable classified ad application that allows users to post advertisements to unlimited categories and sub-categories. Features include an easy install, image upload for categories and advertisements, variable fields for advertisements, customizable email notifications, category locking, pending ads, bad word replacement, ad expiration, template and stylesheet based, most popular ads, and a lot more.

A classifieds system featuring categories and subcategories in unlimited depth, image upload for categories and classifieds, variable fields per categories, customizable email notifications, locking categories, classifieds approval, auto-thumbnail generation, classifieds management by user, send classified to a friend.
A Nucleus is a powerful blog script featuring multiple blogs, multiple authors, drafts and future posts, bookmarklets. It is a PHP/SQL blogging tool which resides on your webserver. Includes multiple blog capabilities, and RSS syndication.

Signup: nucleuscms step-by-step instructions.
Open-realty is an open source listing management system for a real estate websites.

Real Estate listing system featuring attachments, flexible search, template system, Yahoo Maps interface.
osCommerce is an Open Source based online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved.

osCommerce combines Open Source solutions to provide a free and open e-commerce platform, which includes the powerful PHP web scripting language and the fast MySQL database server. With no special requirements, osCommerce is able to run on any PHP 4.1+ enabled web server running on Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows environments.

A power-user shopping cart with a big variety of modules and support of almost every payment gateway. A big developers community is ready to offer custom solutions depending on your needs.
osTicket is a Support Tickets system featuring email piping, pop3 login, unlimited email addresses, admin/staff/user panels, avoid autoresponder loops, limit maximun tickets user can have opened, accept attachments and limit size, pager alerts for admin. A support ticket helpdesk that can manage emails from an email gateway via aliases, POP3 with crontab login, or manual POP3 login when the admin is accessed. Users receive an auto-response when sending emails or see ticket info if using web-based form mail. They can view ticket status online using their email or ticket number.
Outlook Auto Configure
Outlook Auto configure is a system on how you can configure single or multiple email accounts in one setting from one to many ISP (Internet Service Provider). It allows you to manipulate your email settings the way you want it. Outlook auto configure comes standard with all plans. Microsoft Outlook Express is one of the most popular e-mail applications available; you can automatically configure Outlook Express from our web hosting control panel. This saves time in manually configuring your e-mail application and avoids errors.

Compare our web hosting plans and sign up today and have your outlook auto configureds.
Parked Domains
Parked domain is an inactive domain reserved for later use or one that points to another existing domain. You can set up a domain name that you own to point to another domain name. This is known as "parking" a domain. Example: You own the and domain names. You already have a web site for, but you do not want to create a new web site for at the moment. By parking on top of, all URLs for will automatically go to instead.

Compare our web hosting plans to find the plan with the number parked domains you require. Remember, it is always easy to add additional parked domains.
Password Protected Directories
Password protected directories is a process on how you can protect directories within your site from browsers by using a password to protect them. This allows you to restrict material to only authorized users or store sensitive material online. This has the same appearance and effect as the password protection on CPanel.

With Renderhosting you can protect directories within your web site from browsers by using a password to protect them. This allows you to restrict material to only authorized users or store sensitive material online.

You have unlimited control over who can access protected directories by adding, editing and removing authorized users.
Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation and now used for a wide range of tasks including system administration, web development, network programming, GUI development, and more. The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal). Its major features are that it's easy to use, supports both procedural and object-oriented (OO) programming, has powerful built-in support for text processing, and has one of the world's most impressive collections of third-party modules.

Perl is a very popular programming language for online applications. Most CGI scripts are written in Perl, so chances are if it's something you need for your site, someone has written it in Perl (or PHP).

Perl is often used as a glue language, tying together systems and interfaces that were not specifically designed to interoperate, and for "data munging", ie. converting or processing large amounts of data for tasks like creating reports. In fact, these strengths are intimately linked. The combination makes perl a popular all-purpose tool for system administrators, particularly as short programs can be entered and run on a single command line.

All web hosting accounts work with php scripts. PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

PHP, short for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", is an open-source, reflective programming language used mainly for developing server-side applications and dynamic web content, and more recently, other software.

PHP allows interaction with a large number of relational database management systems, such as MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite. PHP runs on most major operating systems, including UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, and can interact with many major web servers. The official PHP website contains extensive documentation. The Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) architecture has become popular in the Web industry as a way of deploying inexpensive, reliable, scalable, secure web applications. (The 'P' in LAMP can also stand for Perl or Python.) Alternatively, the Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP (WIMP) and Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP (WAMP) architectures exist as alternatives for those wishing to use Windows as their server operating system.

PHP is dynamically typed. That is, the rules are not as strict with variables. They do not have to be declared and they can hold any type of object. Arrays are heterogenous, meaning a single array can contain objects of more than one type. There is a command line interface, as well as GUI libraries such as the Gimp Tool Kit (GTK+) and text mode libraries like Ncurses and Newt.

PHP is the result of the efforts of many contributors. It is licensed under a BSD-style license, the PHP license. Since version 4, it has been powered by the Zend engine.
PHP Support Tickets
PHP support ticket is a simple, one-admin Support Tickets system featuring self-registering, emailing to admin, attachments and others written in PHP. osTicket is a widely-used open source support ticket system. Plain and simple it is a lightweight feature packed support ticket tool written mainly using PHP scripting language.

osTicket seamlessly integrates all tickets created via email and web-based form with a simple web interface. Easily manage, organize and archive all your support requests. clients will also be able to view tickets status and history online.
PhpAdsNew is a highly professional complete ad server featuring different types of ads, display based on keywords, zones, hour of the day, day of the week, extensive statistics, client statistics.

PhpAdsNew is the leading open-source advertising server (written in PHP using the MySQL database) licensed under the GNU General Public License, with an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. With phpAdsNew you may rotate paid banners and in-house advertisements. You can also show banners from third party advertising companies
Phpauction is a mostly used auction tool by an auctioneer or Auction company having online transactions.

The GPL version of PHPauction featuring email notification of bids, attachments, reserve price, minimum bids, standard and dutch auctions, bid history, send auction to a friend, highest bids, auctions ending soon.
PhpBB is a high powered,widely-popular, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package. PhpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ.

A widely-popular open-source bulletin-board package, works well, simple user interface and admin panel, clean look, scales well, and can be customized.Based on the powerful PHP server language and your choice of MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/ODBC database servers, phpBB is the ideal free community solution for all web sites.

phpESP - php Easy Survey Package is designed to allow non technical users to create surveys, deploy surveys, view results in real time, download survey results in csv format for further analysis and much much more.

With phpESP you design and administer surveys, gather results and view statistics through a web interface.
Phplinks is a free PHP script which uses a MySQL database to allow you to run a very powerful link page or search engine simulation. A Link Directory featuring categories, reviews, popular links, new links, links approval.

Features include full search capabilities, recursive multilevel site categorization, full referrer tracking, site reviews, site ratings, link validation, related categories, category searching, and search term tracking.
PhpList is a web application that implements a personalised mailing list manager or customer relationship management system. It is a powerful mailing list featuring multiple mailing lists and attachments. Phplist is an open source newsletter manager. Messages can be personalized and targetted based on user specific criteria
Phprojekt is an open source groupware tool which includes calendar, project-management,time-card management, PDA synchronization, email, voting system and personal to do list.

Project Management featuring optional group system, privileges, calendar, contacts, time card, projects, chat, forum, request tracker, mail client, files, notes, bookmarks, to-do list, reminder, voting, language support.
PhpSurveyor is a set of PHP scripts that interact with MySQL to develop surveys, publish and collect responses to surveys. Display surveys as single questions, group by group or all in one page or use a dataentry system for administration of paper-based versions of the survey. PHP Surveyor can produce 'branching' surveys (set conditions on whether individual questions will display), can vary the look and feel of your survey through a templating system, and can provide basic statistical analysis of your survey results.
PhpWCMS is an open source web content management system perfect for professional, public and private users.

It works on any web server platform that supports PHP with MySQL, having been successfully tested on Windows XP and 2000, Mac OS X, and Linux

It is very easy to learn and gives you the flexibility to separate layout and content. Lots of powerful but simple implemented features assists publishers and web developers too.
Signup: phpwcms step-by-step instructions.
PhpWebsite is a very powerful Content Management System that is often used by community groups and education users with document manager, announcements, menu manager, photo album, block maker, FAQ, web pages maker, polls, information categorizer, calendar, link manager, form generator.

PhpWebSite is a customizable modular multi-feature package; each component can be enabled / disabled and modified by the phpWebSite administrator. PhpWebSite extends the customization to the user with selectable skins / themes.

Signup: phpwebsite step-by-step instructions.
PhpWiki is a web site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. Linking is done automatically on the server side; all pages are stored in a database. It is an open source of a Wiki Wiki Web in PHP.
This is a features limited version of pMachinePro, it is an advanced blogging system, pMachine flexible and creative software for online publishing. With pMachine, you can publish virtually any kind of web content - from a basic weblog, to an advanced interactive magazine. pMachine gives you complete control over the presentation and the interactivity of your site.

pMachine is an Oregon-based company that specializes in building PHP applications. The company is privately owned and has to date accepted no venture capital funding of any kind. Since the company's founding, it has released three different projects and programs to the public.

The first, pMachine Pro, was a piece of weblog software that had both a free and licensed version. pMachine Pro is no longer being actively developed but is still distributed for free and support is provided by the user community. The second, ExpressionEngine, is a web publishing program written in object-oriented PHP and using MySQL for storing data. The third, CodeIgniter, is an open source Framework that is inspired by Ruby on Rails

Signup: pmachine step-by-step instructions.
POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is the most recent version of a standard protocol for receiving e-mail, in which it is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you by your Internet server. Periodically, you (or your client e-mail receiver) check your mail-box on the server and download any mail, probably using POP3. This standard protocol is built into most popular e-mail products, such as Eudora and Outlook Express. It's also built into the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers

POP3 allows e-mail applications such as outlook express and Eudora to retrieve e-mail from the server. All e-mail accounts with web hosting plans allow POP3, IMAP and webmail access.

POP3 is designed to delete mail on the server as soon as the user has downloaded it. However, some implementations allow users or an administrator to specify that mail be saved for some period of time. POP can be thought of as a "store-and-forward" service.

Python is a dynamic object-oriented high-level programming language that can be used for many kinds of software development. It offers strong support for integration with other languages and tools, comes with extensive standard libraries and can be learned in few days.

Python runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OSX, OS/2, Amiga, Palm Handhelds, and Nokia mobile phones. Pythin has also ported to the Java and .NET virtual machines. It has a fully dynamic type system and uses automatic memory management.

Python, like PHP and Perl, is another popular programming language for developing dynamic web sites. All web hosting plans offered by support Python.
Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has modules, classes, exceptions, very high level dynamic data types, and dynamic typing.
Redirects or URL redirection, also called URL forwarding, domain redirection and domain forwarding, is a technique on the World Wide Web for making a web page available under many URLs that has been moved to another site or address. All accounts come with Unlimited redirects.

The Redirects area allows you to redirect Internet traffic from one web page to another. This is usually used when a web page has been moved to another location. Two types of redirects are offered: temporary and permanent. Temporary redirects tell the Internet traffic agents (browsers, search engines, etc.) that this is only a temporary redirection, and that they should return to this initial location again in the future for the same page. Permanent redirects tell the Internet traffic agents to go to the redirection address in the future.

Setting up unlimited redirects is easy though our web hosting control panel.
Server Side Includes
Server Side Includes or SSI is an easy server-side scripting language used almost exclusively for the web. As its name implies, its primary use is including the contents of a file into another, via a Web Server. SSI is primarily used to "paste" the contents of one or more files into another.

Server Side Includes allow you to place specials tag in your HTML. You can use SSI to include standard headers and footers, as well as other dynamic content. Server Side Includes or SSI is an easy server-side scripting language used almost exclusively for the web.
Shopping Carts
Set up an entire e-commerce shop online or shopping carts in minutes with any Renderhosting web hosting plan. Install osCommerce through the Fantastico script installer. With osCommerce you are only a few clicks away from a full-featured online store. osCommerce offers many payment options for your customers as well as product management, order procurement, featured items and more. You can run an entire web site with osCommerce. We also offer installation/consultation services of osCommerce or Interchange at a very competitive price.
Siteframe is a flexible, extensible community content-management system that supports images and multiple document types. A straightforward content-management system designed for rapid deployment of community-based websites. Nice-looking templates, oriented toward document-sharing, clean interface.

Siteframe encourages the growth of online communities by allowing members to upload and edit site content such as pictures, articles, links, and files. Siteframe automatically takes care of sizing images appropriately and creating thumbnails

SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a defacto for reliable and efficiently e-mail transmissions across the internet. The standard e-mail protocol on the Internet and part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. SMTP defines the message format and the message transfer agent (MTA), which stores and forwards the mail. SMTP was originally designed for only plain text (ASCII text), but MIME and other encoding methods enable executable programs and multimedia files to be attached to and transported with the e-mail message.

The SMTP protocol is standard in all web hosting plans. Like POP3, SMTP is also used in major e-mail applications.
Spam Assassin
Spam Assassin is a mail filter written in Perl installed on the mail server used to identify spam (Junk E-mail) using a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text. It checks for spam using a large number of pre-set rules that check the header, body, and sender of all e-mail messages sent to your domain mailbox.

"SpamAssassin is a mature, widely-deployed open source project that serves as a mail filter to identify spam, also known as unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE). SpamAssassin uses a variety of mechanisms including header and text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases. SpamAssassin runs on a server, and filters spam before it reaches your mailbox."
Storage / Disk Space
Hosting your web site requires an amount of storage on our servers, just like your personal computer uses its hard drive to store your documents and photos. Most web sites require very little storage. Our entire suite of web hosting plans offers ample storage to host nearly any type of web site. For instance, if your site contains mainly text and only a few images you could literally have tens of thousands of web pages on even the personal web hosting plan.

Image and video use quite a bit more storage/space than text. However, if you took a photo on a digital camera at 640x480 resolution it would usually take about 60-80 kilobytes (KB) of storage; this means you could have a web site with over 5 thousand photos on the personal plan.

It's easy to view the amount of storage you use in our web hosting control panel.

Compare our web hosting plans and determine the amount of storage you need. Is easy to upgrade plans or add additional storage at anytime.
Sub Domains
Sub domain is sometimes called a child domain, a third level domain or a vanity domain that is a part of a larger domain or parent domain in DNS hierarchy. Sub domains, like addon domains, also exist from a directory in your main web folder. You specify the name of a sub domain before your main domain name. For example will also be

Compare our web hosting plans to find the plan with the number of sub domains you require. Remember, it is always easy to add additional sub domains.
Support Logic
The Support Logic Helpdesk is a script to provide an organized support platform for you and your clients such as IT support, systems development, software and web solutions.

A Support Tickets system featuring multiple email addresses, admin/staff/user panels, canned responses, HTML tags support, email limit on a per user/day basis, attachments.
TikiWiki is designed to be an international, clean and extensible Content Management System and Groupware that can be used to create all sorts of web applications, sites, portals, intranets and extranets. TikiWiki also works great as a web-based collaboration tool. TikiWiki has a lot of native options and sections that you can enable/disable as you need them.

TikiWiki is a customizable modular multi-feature package; each component can be enabled / disabled and customized by the TikiWiki administrator. TikiWiki extends the customization to the user with selectable skins / themes
Transfer / Bandwidth
Data transfer, which is sometimes referred to as bandwidth, is a measurement of how much data travels in and out of your website or account. You can figure out how much data transfer you will require by estimating your average page size (including graphics!) and multiplying it by the number of page views you expect to have in a month.

When people visit your web site, their web browser makes a request for our server to send the appropriate files that make up one or more of your web pages: HTML, PHP, images, CGI scripts, etc. Each file the server sends uses a small amount of transfer bandwidth. Every month the amount of transfer you use is reset. Many web sites receive thousands of visits per month and use less than 5GB of transfer.

You can easily monitor the amount of transfer you use in the control panel.

Compare our web hosting plans and determine the amount of transfer/bandwidth you need. It's easy to upgrade plans or add additional transfer at any time.
Web/FTP Stats
The Web / FTP Stats Menu allows you to retrieve many different statistics about your site, and the visitors to it also, you can view your bandwidth usage, recent visitors, FTP usage, and more.

The Renderhosting Web Site and FTP Statistics area presents you with a wide variety of information about your web site, from the latest visitors to a detailed monthly summary of hits, as well as providing an error log. Our Statistics tools keep track of which pages are being visited most often, and where your users are coming from.

We offer the most popular and advanced systems for reporting your web site statistics. Analog, Awstats and Webalizer are all available within your web hosting control panel.
The term Webmail or Web-based email refer to the implementation of an e-mail client as a Web application that allows users to access their e-mail through a Web browser, as an alternative to using a desktop-based client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Eudora.

All web hosting plans come standard with webmail. You can read your online e-mail using NeoMail, Horde, or SquirrelMail. All of these popular webmail applications allow you to read your e-mail, save them, keep an address book, and perform all of the other basic e-mail functions that you are used to. The main difference between webmail and offline e-mail applications, such as Eudora or Microsoft Outlook Express, is that all of these functions are performed online rather than on your own computer, and offline applications generally provide more features. Webmail is optional. You can still use your favorite offline e-mail applications if you prefer. You can even use a combination of webmail applications and another tool - you can check your e-mail online, perhaps when you're at work, and download your e-mail to your computer when you get home. You can automatically configure Outlook Express, or manually configure other mail applications to read your e-mail offline.

Compare our web hosting plans and sign up today.
Windows / Real Media Compatible
Renderhosting servers are windows / real media compatible and are ideal for hosting Real (.rm, .ram, .ra, etc..) or Windows Media (.wma, .wmv, etc..) audio and video content for a well presented websites. Our bandwidth conectivity and avalibility makes for smooth presentation of progressive multimedia files.
WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it. WordPress is a personal publishing tool with focus on aesthetics and featuring cross-blog tool, password protected posts, importing, typographical niceties, multiple authors, bookmarklets.
XOOPS is an extensible, OO (Object Oriented), easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP. It is a very popular advanced portal system. Xoops is an easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP. XOOPS is the ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.
YaBB is a leading free forum software package that rivals any professional message board out there. It provides a real-time chat and support system for your visitors. PHP/MySQL port of the popular forum software YaBB (Yet Another Bulletine Board).